Black Pearls Keepin it REAL

Black PearlsThis past October, I had the pleasure of being the guest speaker for Black Pearls Keepin It REAL (a Dallas based book club). We had a great time discussing my novel Love Script. I’m always thrilled to talk about Laney and Nick’s story. I often say they were “organic characters” for me to work with. Writing the chemistry between Nick and Laney came quite naturally. So, I’m always excited to converse about their dynamic.

The book club members had great comments and awesome questions. I’m always inspired when readers share their thoughts regarding the sequel to Love Script:) Some of the plot twists were things I’d never thought of. Such as… a love triangle between Rob and Danny?! LOL. We shall see…

At any rate, I had a wonderful time talking about books, eating plenty of food, and talking about more books. I can’t thank the ladies of Black Pearls Keepin It REAL enough for inviting me to their monthly meeting. I am truly honored.

Want to check out pics from the meeting? Click HERE.

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