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Beyond the Velvet Curtain: A Club Babylon Novel (Book 2)

Victoria Day has always dreamed of being a top fashion designer. So when her debut collection is met with lukewarm reception, Victoria isn’t swayed. She gets determined. She’s convinced she has a talent, but she also has a problem. No money. And without funds, Victoria’s dreams of growing her fledgling company will surely fade.

Her prayers are answered, when she learns a wealthy investor is willing to finance her lofty ambitions. Victoria is thrilled….that is, until she learns the identity of her mysterious savior.

Boy billionaire, Nico Armenta, is no angel. To say he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth is an understatement. Nico is accustomed to all the luxuries life has to offer. Beautiful women are no exception. So the first time Nico lays eyes on, he’s shocked when she flips him the bird! Amused, Nico makes it his mission to learn everything he can about the sassy woman. It doesn’t take long to discover Victoria’s weakness. Turning her ambition into his advantage, Nico invests into her small company. But his generosity doesn’t come without strings. Nico fully intends for Victoria to repay his investment, but not with money…

The Next Hollywood Heartthrob

I am usually working on several projects at once. It can be very exhausting. I certainly keep my editor and friends busy with a barrage of ideas and a list of new characters. Currently I am working on a project dear to my heart titled “The Next Hollywood Heartthrob”. My heroine, Bailey Woods, is probably the only character I’ve created who is more closely in line with my own nature, so she is a lot of fun to work with.

A quick look: Bailey Woods is a Hollywood publicist who’s plot for revenge against an ex-boyfriend leads to unexpected results. Bailey’s troop of comical, and often crazy, friends makes the twists and turns of this story a constant adventure.

This book has been put on hold until I complete the Club Babylon series.  I hope to have the manuscript completed in the near future. Wish me luck.


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