Hi. This is Tiffany Ashley. Writing romance novels is my passion. My niche is interracial erotica. My first published novel, Love Script, was released in 2007 and received rave reviews. An extended version of that novel released in February 2011.

I love writing and I’m very passionate about my craft. Even if I didn’t make a dime off my books (thankfully, I do :) I would still write. Writing for me is therapeutic, spiritual, exciting and organic. At times, it can often be frustrating, stressful, sad and painful. However, nothing worth doing well is easy. And if you love what you do, the pain is worth it. One of the happiest feelings I have ever had in my life was not holding my book in my hands (although that was awesome) but talking to a someone who’d read my book. Hearing the emotion in her voice and seeing the expression in her eyes while she spoke was a humbling experience. I take much pride in my work but there is always that sliver of doubt that plagues every artist. Witnessing your work effect a complete stranger is beyond awesome.

I’m very meticulous about my work. I obsess over the smallest detail, the slightest phrases, and every punctuation. And after months of working on a manuscript, conversing with my editor, and reviewing notes from my proofreader; I always find something I’m not satisfied with in the final print. I’m sure that qualifies as some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder.

A little secret of mine is … I fall in love with all the male characters from my books. Who wouldn’t? These guys are hot!!!


 I LOVE independent films, Thai food and Jamba Juice. I listen to all types of music, EXCEPT country, Tejano, and techno. I rarely, if ever, watch TV or listen to the radio. And I absolutely hate commercials.

I am perpetually late. I can’t help it. No matter how early I start, something always happens that prevents me from arriving at my destination on time.

If you met me, you would be most surprised by … my height. I wear heels all the time, so even my friends are surprised to learn I’m only 5’0.

I HATE texting. It is immensely impersonal! Unless I’m stuck in a meeting, I rarely return any. If the text is more than one sentence long, I’ll ignore it. Seriously, just call me at that point.

I am a fanatic about emails. I check my accounts probably every five minutes. I can’t go anywhere without my iPhone (what in the world would we do without Apple???).

I can’t lie. I’m terrible at it, so I don’t even try. I can’t hold eye contact when I even consider telling a lie and I certainly can’t be counted on to remember what I lied about.

I’m terrified of public restrooms and large masses of water (which is strange because I’m a good swimmer). I don’t like sweets although, once every few months, I MUST have a taste of chocolate. I hate fast food restaurants (which is problematic because I can’t cook :). I’m conscious of the environment but I HATE the outdoors. The idea of camping or hiking is enough to make me ill.

I’m a Gemini, so I’m usually one extreme or the other. I either LOVE something with a passion or I utterly HATE it. There is rarely any middle ground.

I love to surround myself with people who think outside the box and are willing to go after their dreams. I believe self-confidence is VERY attractive. Not conceit, but self-confidence. I love earthy people. A person concerned about the environment and world issues is so much more interesting than a person who only exists within his / her personal bubble. I have a great respect for people who take care of their bodies.

I constantly need affection. Snuggling up with my husband and sharing pillow talk is my idea of utopia.

I can best be described as mysterious; although this is never intentional. I don’t even realize I might be coming across as secretive until someone brings it to my attention. Usually, my mind is drifting off (probably thinking about a novel I’m writing) and I don’t notice I’m being vague on details. Because I write, I often hideout for a few days while I submerge myself in my work. It is not uncommon for my friends or family not to hear or see me for several days.

I’m a romantic to the point of being a cynic. I can be very sarcastic. I love people with a sense of humor. Could never tolerate someone who doesn’t make me laugh (or doesn’t think I’m funny :). I am attracted to people who are the complete opposite from myself. For example: I talk a lot, so I naturally gravitate toward quiet people.

I am fickle about EVERYTHING. I can’t commit to anything long term; not a pair of shoes, not a cell phone carrier, and certainly not a home mortgage.

I detest poor manners, smoking (major turnoff) and people who swear. Granted, I might have a slip of the tongue every once in a while but I feel really bad about it hours, sometimes days, after the offense. Even while writing a manuscript, I agonize over the use of profanity. I only use it to establish the character’s personality. And sex scenes! … Even though my readers are very fond of my love scenes, these are very hard for me to write because of the explicit word choices used. Needless to say, my mother didn’t know I even wrote erotic romances until three years after the release of my first book! To this day, I refuse to let her read my novels.

Now that you know a little about me, feel free to contact me. I love to chat with my readers, so if you have any questions or if you simply want to say ‘hi’, drop me a line. I promise to reply. The best way to reach me is via email, noted on the CONTACT page on my website:


“The score never interested me, only the game.”

-Mae West

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

-Nora Ephron

“Do the best you can unti you know better. Then when you know better, do better.’

-Maya Angelou

“Trust me, you can dance.”


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