Love Script by Tiffaney AshleyDetermined to land a huge advertising account for his company, Nick gets a LITTLE carried away and tells the potential client he's married, then he has a serious problem–he can't join the client on the ship unless he shows up with the wife he's supposed to be taking on an anniversary cruise.

Laney Parks is either in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time-She isn't sure which. She isn't even entirely certain of how she got roped into posing as her hunky boss's wife. She finds it SERIOUSLY unnerving, though, to 'stick to the script' when that includes cuddling up and kissing in public, and even more unnerving to share the close confines of the cabin-and its single bed-with him.

Rating: Adult situations and language.

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Reviewed by Angel from Romance Junkies

"The love scenes are burning with the intensity of a thousand flames."

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Reviewed by Delia from Joyfully Reviewed

"Love Script takes two extremely opposite characters and an unwilling attraction and then proceeds to create situations that bring out the best and worst of each… love doesn't follow a straight path. There will be twists and turns and sometimes the ending you think you want isn’t the one that will make you happy."

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Reviewed by Brenda Talley from The Romance Studio

"Oh, how I loved this book! It is one of the best I have ever read! The plot was different from the norm, and the twists and turns just increased its reading value…I will definitely keep her name on my “must-be-read” list."

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Reviewed by Ariel Summer from RRTErotic

"Readers everywhere will find this story absolutely delicious."

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Reviewed by Melisa from Euro Reviews

"Two thumbs up!"

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Love Script

Paperback: New Concepts Publishing, Feb 2007, ISBN: 978-1603940078

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