All you ever wanted to know about Love Script

Love SciptHow did you come up with story?

“I was heavy into ebooks at the time. I decided to try my hand at writing a short novel, which for me is tough. If you haven’t noticed, I tend to be a little long winded. I wanted to create a story that would help me escape from my everyday life. At the time I hated my job and everyone I worked with. That pretty much set the stage for Laney’s situation. (Yes, there really is a Mary-Knight. And yes, she is a bitch.) I pretty much wrote the novel while I was at work, between lunch breaks and stuff. Before I knew it I had a complete manuscript. I think it took me four months to write it and another month to iron out the details.”

Will there be a sequel to Love Script?

[laughing] “I always get this question, even before ‘Hi! How are you?’ It’s a good thing though. I’m thrilled anyone would care enough to ask. The answer….Yes, there will definitely be another story based on Laney and Nick. I always intended the story to be continued. The good thing is Laney and Nick are organic characters for me. I’m very comfortable with them. Their first story pretty much wrote itself. I figure if I sat still long enough I could knock out the sequel in a matter of a few months. The bad thing is because I know it wouldn’t take me long to complete a manuscript, I keep putting the project on the back burner. But being that I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback I figure I need to stop dragging my feet and get the story written. However, I do have a title in mind for the sequel; Love Undefined. Like it?”

Cooper Wright and Danny were great characters. Will we see them again in another book?

“That is so weird.” [laughing] “An Amazon reader asked the same question. I like Danny and Cooper but for the purposes of Love Script, each served his purpose. Cooper was Nick’s antagonist and Danny was Laney’s support system. Other than reappearing in the sequel, I can’t see Danny carrying his own plot. As for Cooper, the jury is still out on him. He’s a fun character and he has enough background interest to hold a solid story line. I’d have to consider it.”

What can we expect next for Laney and Nick?

“Good question. If I knew the answer I might give you a hint. What little I do know is the newlyweds have to meet each other’s families but I haven’t fleshed out the idea completely yet. I’ll update the site when I have a clearer picture in my head.”

Nick was not so nice in Love Script. Will we see Laney get her revenge?

“Not to give too much away…I think it’s safe to say Laney will give Nick a run for his money in the sequel. Nick came across as a selfish playboy in the book. Some might even say he was a jerk. I like to think of him as very spoiled. Without question, this is something the Laney and Nick will have to address the sequel. I often struggled with tweaking a few things, making Nick a little softer for the deluxe edition but in the end I realized changing anything about him felt wrong. Staying true to the character, I pretty much left him as he was. We saw his character go through some changes in the first book but the sequel should give us a little more info.”

When can we expect to see the sequel release?

[whistling]. “First I’ll have to finish the manuscripts I am currently working on. Then I’ll have the time to focus my attentions on plotting the LS sequel. I’ll add a blog to the website as soon as I have an update.”

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